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I moved to Prince Edward Island back in 1987 from London Ontario. I found a furnished bachelor apartment on West Street overlooking the Charlottetown Harbour for an affordable $350/month.

Since then I have moved a couple of times and now own my own place on the Hillsborough River out in a more rural area of the Island. But I work in Charlottetown, my kids went to school in Charlottetown and in many ways I still consider this small community as my home.

2014 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference. The conference that later led to the birth of a nation. In 1867 Canada became it's own country thanks to the Charlottetown Conference. But history is full of ironies. The Charlottetown Conference took place in 1864 and Prince Edward Island didn't become part of Canada till 1873.

It's also worth mentioning that there are strong ties to the New England States of America. As many Island families have cousins, nieces and nephews who to this day reside in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Upper New York State.

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