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I'm a musical hobbyist. I'm not a professional musician nor do I pretend to be. In the past I have performed solo and as a front man in a band for a short time but over the past few years I haven't performed for anyone other than my spouse, kids and cats.

I like to write music. It's good therapy for the nerves and it has got me through a terrible winter of strong winds, storms and freezing temperatures.

I hope you enjoy the music.
Ronald Scott Fletcher



I have been playing my electric guitar for about three weeks now. It's been a lot of fun and a challenge as I've been an acoustic player for most of my life. I really do feel like a novice with my new Epiphone Les Paul Special.

This is a beginning of a new project. To write and produce an electric CD to be the counterpart of the acoustic cd that I completed in April. It's been fun so far.

Mobile Love - May 2014

Three guitar tracks, one keyboard track and two vocal tracks.

Something Isn't Right - May 2014

Three guitar tracks, one tambourine track and two vocal tracks.

Is LIVE - May 2014

Three guitar tracks and two vocal tracks. One trap that is easy to fall in to is getting stuck in the same genre, style and bag of tricks. This results in all of your songs sounding the same. It happens to a lot of people. So I try to switch it up a bit to avoid that trap.

Happy Song - May 2014

This song is a train wreck but I had to put it up. One of the comments my mother-in-law made after listening to my first cd was that I wasn't the type to write happy songs. She's right. So I set out to write a happy song but failed miserably. Good title though, it was a good start. I also decided to experiment with harmony vocalization but forgot the first rule of keeping in time thus blending the harmonies all in the same time. Oops I forgot about that when I started this song. As a result the song is kind of disjointed. My spouse says it sounds very pyschadelic and I agree. Even if that was not my intent.