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Ontario Photo Galleries - Britannia, Ottawa

I have spent a lot of time in this area. The Britannia region of Ottawa was one of the places I frequently visited as a teenager. I'd either jump on my bicycle with fishing pole in hand and spend the day fishing at the rapids or, once I had my drivers license, strapped the canoe on top of the 1972 Dodge Monaco and canoe and fish the adjacent mud lake.

This is the location of the Britannia Water Purification Plant. There's also a lot of wildlife in the area. In the past Bear have been found in here, as have deer and a countless variety of birds.

Two things have changed since I have lived in this region of the country:
  1. there's much more wildlife in the city of Ottawa;
  2. the Ottawa River appeared to be in fine form. It looked much cleaner than when I was a teen.
Britannia Map

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